Women's UNEEK (MIMOSA 2)

พร้อมใช้งาน :
ราคาปกติ ฿4,550.00 ฿4,004.00

UNEEK is the Open Air Sneaker. A next-generation sneaker made from two cords and one sole. A revolutionary and unique hybrid footwear that reconsidered the method of shoe making from scratch and was completed after three and a half years from conception. With Socks: Suitable for 3 seasons by changing the combination, from thin socks to fleece socks.

By creating space for the entire toe area, we achieve a fit and comfort that will appeal to everyone.
Recycled plastic bungee cord and lace closure toggle instantly secure your foot for a secure fit
Midsole cushioning provides support and provides high shock absorption
Insole made of resilient foam material provides arch support and long-lasting cushioning
Laser-siped outsole repels water and provides excellent grip on wet roads
Use recycled PET-containing plastic to protect the environment and reduce the use of new materials
Adopts Eco Anti-odor, an antibacterial and deodorizing treatment made from natural raw materials.

Adopts an upper made from recycled plastic cord.
soft microfiber
Adopts a non-marking rubber outsole that does not leave dirt or rubber marks on the ground.

Wipe dirt off the upper surface and clean with a brush using a cleaning agent made for shoes. Wipe off the bubbles thoroughly with a wrung out towel. If any foam remains at this time, it may cause stains or discoloration, so please wipe it off completely with a dry towel. Please adjust the shape and dry it in the shade in a well-ventilated place.